2015 Ski Weekend

February 7-8

The ski weekend in the Catskills has been a BZH New York tradition since 2008.

La Duchesse Anne is now called Four Corners Country Inn 
and its new management did a great job lodging and feeding the group in the cozy B&B style Inn.

Like expected there was a good friendly atmosphere, good food, Breton dancing, belote late in the night and of course good exercise and invigorating air on the ski slopes.

BZH-NY and Bagad de Landerneau

St Patrick week's coming soon!
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Today we are happy to be on Ouest France Journal promoting our partenaria with Le Bagad de Landerneau
Read it!

St Patrick 2015


A l’occasion de la Saint Patrick, BZH NY a le plaisir d’accueillir le Bagad Bro Landerne et le Cercle Celtique Eskell an Elorn de Landerneau du 14 au 21 mars 2015.

Pour cet événement tout à fait exceptionnel, BZH NY appelle à tous les volontaires à nous rejoindre pour l’organisation de ce beau projet.


Le programme culturel comprend :


Lundi 16 mars : animation au Lycée Français NY (11h-13h30).

(505 East 75th st)

Volontaires pour accompagner le groupe (créneau 10h00-11h00)

Mardi 17 mars : défilé sur la 5th avenue

Volontaires pour défiler (12h00-13h30) et déjeuner

Jeudi 19 mars : animation au Lycée Hunter College High School (71 East 94th St)

Volontaires pour accompagner le groupe (créneau 9h00-10h00 et déjeuner à partir de midi)

Jeudi 20 mars : concert au Pub Connolly

Volontaires pour accompagner le groupe, préparer la salle, accueillir les gens a l’entrée, diner avec le groupe...(fin d’ après-midi et soirée jusqu’ à 1 heure du matin).


BZH NY vous remercie ! Trugarez ! 


St - Patrick 2015, March 14-21,

BZH NY is proud to welcome Bagad Bro Landerne musicians, and Cercle Celtique Eskell An Elorn dancers to the city.

This will be an exceptional week due to the numbers of guests and events. BZH NY will reach out to each and every person and we will need your help to make it memorable

Cultural program

Monday,  March 16th - Lycée Français event 11:00am -1:30pm (505 East 75TH St )

Volunteers are needed to meet the bagad at their hotel on the UWS,  and guide them to the high school

Tuesday, March 17th - St Patrick's Day Parade (5th Avenue)

Volunteers are needed for the entire day (especially from 12 pm to 1:30pm) - various shifts, to be specified

Thursday, March 19th - Hunter College High School   (71 East 94th street)

Volunteers are needed to meet the bagad at their hotel on the UWS and guide them to the high school. 9:00-10:00am. Then lunch Noon onward

Friday, March 20th - Connolly's Pub on 45th St between 6th Avenue and Broadway

Volunteers are needed to meet the bagad at their hotel, guide them to Connolly’s, prepare the concert area, door check, share dinner on site with artists ... dance and have fun

Approximately 5pm-1:00am


Thank you !

Assembly General Meeting 2015

Saturday, January 10th

BZH New York expresses its support to the families of the victims of Paris tragedies and to the people of France. We also extend this support to everyone suffering from terrorism around the world. May peace prevail on Earth. 


On Saturday January 10th, BZH New York hosted its annual General Assembly at O'Cabanon in Manhattan. The Assembly reviewed the events organized in 2014 and elected the 2015 Board of Directors.

Your 2015 BZH New York Board:

     •    Co Presidents: Véronique Gautier

                                 Simon Herfray

                                 Laurent Corbel

     •    Treasurer: Katharine Bride

     •    Secretary: Nicolas Cabrolier

     •    Deputy Treasurer: Bernard Le Bris   

     •    Advisor to the board: Eric Thoby

La Fête
de la

La culture Bretonne et sa transmission, approche internationale et intergénérationnelle.

"Les Freres Guichen" and " Le Gall/Galeron Duo" travelled in New York. They share their music and traditions with the students and Bretons from NY.

La Fete de la Bretagne in NYC

May 15th -  Dinner-concert in Cafe Triskell

May 16th - Concert with Irish groups in Paddy's

May 17th - Concert-conference in Hunter collegue

Dinner-concert in Picnic restaurant

May 18th - Fest noz in connelly's Times Squares

May 19th - Concert in William Barnacle tavern

Album Photos

2014 Ski Weekend

The ski weekend in the Catskills has been a BZH New York tradition since 2008.

La Duchesse Anne is now called Four Corners Country Inn 
and its new management did a great job lodging and feeding the group in the cozy B&B style Inn.

Like expected there was a good friendly atmosphere, good food, Breton dancing, belote late in the night and of course good exercise and invigorating air on the ski slopes.

Photo Album

2014 Board Elected!

2014 Board

Photo Album of the 2014 General Assembly

Dec 15th, Unheard of! Breton Language

at Bowery Poetry Club 

The Endangered Language Alliance presented their 3rd installment of Unheard of! featuring the Celtic languages of Brittany and Ireland. Unheard of! presents presents live readings of poetry and oral literature, both traditional and modern, by native speakers with simultaneous projections of tects and translatations. Breton writer Matyas LeBrun presented his newest work Douar Neizh

Ouest France Article

December 8th, Christmas Lunch

At Riccardo's

The annual Christmas lunch welcomed 120 members of the Breton community and 12 friends from association Bretagne Transamerica from Gourin.


Nov 3rd, Documentary « Kemper e Manhattan »

The St Patrick's parade of NY is the oldest parade in the world and one of the largest with 150,0000 marchers each year. Since 2007, BZH New York has hosted numerous groups for St Patrick's week, and again this year with a bagad and cercle from Quimper. Watch the documentary on this voyage which starts at the 29th minute mark on the following link. 



 Oct 12th-20th, Glaz Road

In fall 2012, BZH New York and Cie Herrad organized a musical residency between breton and new orleans jazz music in the Big Apple. Breton-based Trio Thomas Moisson and a horn section from New York in a New Orleans-jazz style, worked in studio to melange both styles and played a series of concerts throughout city.

Following the success of the NY collaboration this new fusion of music will now be touring France during next two weeks:  

12 Octobre : à L’Archipel à Fouesnant

13 Octobre : à l’espace la salle du Petit Bois à Camors

15 Octobre : à la Tavarn ar roué Morvan à Lorient

16 Octobre : à l’Institut franco-américain à Rennes

18 Octobre : à la Mennais à Ploërmel

19 Octobre : à l’espace Léo Ferré à Bagneux

20 Octobre : à la mission bretonne à Paris

Glaz Road website

September 20th - 29th, Bretagne and Garifuna musical exchange

After an initial success of introducing Breton vocal tradition, Kan ha Diskan, melanged and fused with diverse percussions of the world this March, BZH New York revisited and develop this unique musical exchange this fall.

This unique collaborative project with James Lovell and Garifuna percussions with Breton-based singers, Armel an Hejer and Alan LeClere brought together to create and blend musical traditions.

The musicians spent 3 days in studio to develop a common repertoire that was shared in a series of concerts and events, notably in Bryant Park for the Taste of France.

Press Release

 French Morning article

LeTelegramme article 

Breizh Music article

PICTURES of residency 

Sept 27th, Interceltic Fest Noz

BZH NY and IN NY organized one of the largest Interceltic Fest's in NYC with the music and dance celebrating the common heritage, traditions, culture, and story of immigration of Celtic people of NYC. Featured numerous bands and performers from Celtic nations in a fest noz and ceili like atmosphere.

NY Times article

Gothamist Article

PICTURES of Interceltic

Sept 21st, Steuben Parade

BZH New York participated in the 56th annual Steuben Parade on 5th avenue

 Special thanks to Cercle of Plougastel, Combrit, Landrevarzec and Confederation War'l Leur.


Sept 15th, Picnic Pate Henaff Central Park

60 Bretons and friends of Brittany took part in the annual Pate Henaff picnic in Central Park. Henaff is a century-old pate producer based in the village of Pouldreuzic, Brittany.

Article LeTelegramme

Sept 1st, Breton Language Classes at Harvard

The language and celtic studies departments of Harvard and Rennes 2 University will partner to offer Breton langauge classes starting September 2014 at Harvard.


July 26th, 6pm the film premier "Eus Kemper das New York" at Festival de Cornouaille

Au multiplexe "Cinéville" - Quimper

Les Irlandais de New-York fetent leur saint patron ! C’est la plus grande parade du monde et aussi la plus ancienne. Pour la quatrieme fois des groupes bretons ont participe aux festivités grace a l'association des bretons de NY "BZH New York" avec cette annee les Eostiged ar Stangala et le Bagad du Moulin Vert de Quimper. Tous deux sont dans l’elite de leurs categories : l’un pour la danse bretonne, l’autre pour la musique de bagad. La grande parade sur la Cinquième Avenue a ete une grande aventure pour les Quimperois, egalement soutenus par la ville et le Conseil regional mais aussi par le tissu economique local. Ambassadeurs de la culture bretonne à New-York, ils ont animé Central Park, chante du kan ha diskan a Harlem, fait un concert avec des musiciens des Caraibes, fait une representation au Carnegie Hall, et bien sur defile sur la Cinquieme Avenue pour la 251ieme edition de la parade annuelle de la St Patrick.

Festival de Cornouaille website 

Exposition in Gourin "Ces Bretons d'Amerique"

If you are Brittany this summer we invite you to visit the Chateau de Tronjoly in Gourin for the annual exposition "Ces Bretons d’Amérique” presented by Bretagne Transamerica.

The exposition is open daily until August 31st. Visting hours from 11am - 12pm, 2pm - 6pm daily.

Ouest France article

July 14, Breton Stand Bastille Day Brooklyn

Our annual Breton stand in Brooklyn was again a great success and we'd like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers that made it possible. The Smith street Bastille day event was visited by over 15,000 people and we are proud to be abe to share a taste of Brittany with so many New Yorkers. 

A special thanks to our partners on the stand:

 Cannelle Patisserie (

Henaff (

Crepe Caraveral (80 St Mark's Place) 

and support from:

Bacchus Bistro (

Cafe Triskell (

Photos from stand

La Fête
de la

in NY and New Mexico
"The Far West meets
le Phare Ouest"

The theme of the 2013 Fête de la Bretagne
in NY/New Mexico was an encounter between Breton Music and Native America Music.

The Samuel Le Henanff Quartet travelled to NYC and then to New Mexico where they collaborated with local Native Americans musicians.

Special thanks to Sunrise and Johnson families, and our partners AMP Concerts, and la Distillerie Warengheim.
La Gazette article
Ouest France article

LeTelegramme article

La Fete de la Bretagne in NYC

May 15th -  55yr anniversary of jumelage of Rennes and Rochester dinner at Bistro Vendome with Consul Generale of France and Deputy Consul of USA of Grand Ouest

Ouest France article

France Amerique article

May 18th - St Yves Fest Noz in Times Square with Samuel LeHenanff Quartet, Helias-Gerard duo, and Sylvain Payot


May 19th -  Music collaboration between Samuel LeHenanff Quartet   and native American flutist John Sarantos in Chinatown, NY


Press release

May 20th -  Concert at the LivingRoom in Lower East Side

May 21th - Special concert and breton whisky tasting at the Irish Arts Center with special guest Niall O'Leary

La Fete de la Bretagne in New Mexico

May 22nd - Concert in collaboration with Alliance Francaise of New Mexico followed by dinner at la Crepes Michel

French Morning Article

France Amerique Article

Pictures from week in New mexico

May 23rd - 12pm, Conference and concert at Los Griegos Library

7pm "Fete de la Bretagne" concert with Samuel Lehenanff quartet and native american flutist Jakey Skye at Outpost Performance Space

ABQjournal article

France Bleu radio Interview 

Ouest France Article

May 24th - 12pm, KANW radio interview

3pm - Conference and Concert at Taylor Ranch Library

LeTelegramme Article

May 25th - Breton session at Two Fools Tavern and jam with Jakey Skye and Karlo Johnson


BZH NY featured in Sciences-Ouest magazine

Sciences-Ouest magazine  (la revue de l'espace des science)focused it's May edition on the subject of "Bretons d'ici et d'ailleurs"


5/18/13, Paris-Brest Classic - Leg 2


On 5/18, Stade Brestois NY's players outclassed 
PSG NY Club's soccer fans 3-9 in Queensbridge Park to grab the Paris-Brest Classic 2013. Then both teams went to watch at the Legends' football factory the professional game in France between PSG and Stade Brestois 29.

Despite an early elimination a few days later in the Urban Soccer Championship, this 14-4 aggregate victory seals an outstanding first semester 2013 for the Breton team. Other enthusiastic competitions are planned for the second part of the year and will be announced soon.


Breton language classes in NYC

BZH NY has organized a Breton language course for beginners that will run from April to June 2013. The classes are held at the offices of the Endangered Language Alliance.

UNESCO has classified Breton language as "severly endangered" with the number of speakers decreasing to under 250,000 with over 60% of those over 60 years of age.

In a first for NYC, we are organizing a class for beginners to learn the basics of Breton language. We have been pleasantly surprised by the strong interest our classes have generated with around 15-20 students per class. The students are composed 50% Americans, 50% of persons of Breton origin living currently in NYC.

CNN article

7seizh article

4/26/13 Jo cycles across America

BZH NY hosted a dinner for Jo Le Bouter before he embarked on a tour of America (5500km from NY to San Francisco) by bike for Wolfram syndrome research 

Jo's Blog

Article - France Amerique

4/19/13 Coupe de la Ligue

85 Breton soccer fans watched the final of the French Coupe de la Ligue between St Etienne and Stade Rennais at Legends Football Factory

4/17/13 BZH vs French Fregate L'Aquitaine

A special match was organzied between the sailors of French navy vessel, L'Aquitaine and the Stade Brestois NY. Final score 7-2 for SBNY. All the players were cheered on by members of the Breton community and French War Veterns.

Pictures of match

Article - France Amerique

Article - RP Defense Blog

3/23/13, Paris-Brest Classic - Leg 1


On 3/23, Stade Brestois NY's players defeated courageous
PSG NY Club's soccer fans 5-1 in Queensbridge Park to get a secure margin before the 2nd leg.

The aggregate winner will grasp
the 2013 'Paris-Brest classic' trophey.
Leg 2 will take place on the same field on 5/18, just prior to the professional game in France between PSG and Stade Brestois 29.

3/16/13, Stade Brestois NY YMCA champions!


One year after the sponsorship agreement with
Stade Brestois 29, the Bretons of New York won
their first major title!
On 3/16, SB NY players made the most of themselves to outclass valorous Alsacians of SR Colmar NY and won the LIC YMCA Winter 2013 championship.

Starting with 7 other teams from other nationalities last December, SB NY demonstrated their superiority amongst the 4 remaining teams in play-off.
However, no rest for the Bretons since they're starting playing in Urban Soccer league on Mondays this month.
En route for the double title!

Photo Album

Finistère Foot Article and Pictures

3/13/13-3/18/13, ST PATRICK'S WEEK

St Patrick’s week in NYC had once again a Breton touch to it with 80 musicians and dancers performing throughout the week cumulating to their participation in the 252nd St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Brittany was represented by Bagad du Moulin Vert,
Eostiged ar Stangala and Kan ha Diskan singers
Armel An Hejer & Alan Le Clère

A delegation of more than 100 that included musicians, dancers, elected officials, entrepreneurs and business executives could be found across NYC representing Brittany in numerous locations during St Patrick's week.

Wed. 3/13
Thur. 3/14
  • Concert at Bandshell Central Park
Fri. 3/15
  • Concert/Presentation of Brittany in local french schools
  • Lunch with Consul General of France
  • Concert at Armor Lux NY store
  • Concert and Jam session with local artists at Shrine in Harlem
Sat. 3/16
  • 252nd St Patrick NY Parade
  • Celtic Appalachia Concert with Mick Moloney at Symphony Space
Mon 3/18
  • Breton-Garifuna cultural exchange at Bowery Poetry club

St Patrick's Day Parade Pictures

Photo Album for all other week events

St Patrick's Day Parade Video

Harlem concert and jam video


Ouest-France 3/18/13 Article #1 - 3/18/13 Article #2
3/17/13 Videos
Le Télégramme 3/19/13 Video
Coté Quimper 3/15/13 Article and Videos 3/16/13 Article 3/16/13 Video
Irish Central 3/22/13 Article

2/16/13, SB29 - Interceltic Trophy


BZH NY organised the first 'Pennkampionad ar Peder Gwlad' trophy, gathering four Celtic sides to play a soccer tournament in Queensbridge Park.
The top winner was friendship and the Celtic teams promised each others to come back in the future to perpetuate this new-born competition.

Photo Album

2/2-2/3/13, Ski Weekend

Ski 2013 Group Picture

The ski weekend in the Catskills has been a BZH New York tradition since 2008.

La Duchesse Anne is now called Four Corners Country Inn
and its new management did a great job lodging and feeding the group in the cozy B&B style Inn.

Like expected there was a good friendly atmosphere, good food, Breton dancing, belote late in the night and of course good exercise and invigorating air on the ski slopes.

Photo Album

1/27/13, General Assembly

BZH New York, reviewed and recapped a very successful 2012 by discussing events, objectives, financials, our partners & sponsors, followed by the election of
the 2013 Board.

AG Photo Album - France-Amérique article
Video1 Video2 by J.F.Baudet (BTA)

Your 2013 BZH New York Board

1/19/13, "American Noz"
in Quimper

In preparation for their coming trip to
New York, Bagad Moulin-Vert
and Dance Group
Eostiged Ar Stangala
organized an "American Noz"
at Chapeau Rouge in Quimper.

ABP article

1/8/13, Nolwenn Leroy in NYC

Top-charts Brittany-born singer
Nolwenn Leroy
made her NY Debut at Drom.

Nolwenn and her musicians also spent good quality time with BZH New York at
Café Triskell the next evening.

The high-audience French Sunday News "Sept à Huit" on TF1 covered Nolwenn's debut in NYC, including her meeting with BZH New York at Café Triskell (at the end of the video).

Video on TF1's website (not viewable from the US)
Video on Nolwenn's Facebook site (viewable from the US).

Nolwenn Live on Good Day New York (Fox NY)
Nolwenn interviewed by Charles Kergaravat.
Article in France-Amérique
Article in Le Télégramme
Article France 3 Auvergne

A unique name and heritage, a French token and national emblem, Nolwenn Leroy brings us her self titled album Nolwenn with adaptations of traditional Celtic songs. As a French pop star and author-composer, native from the foreign land of Brittany, it was no surprise that one day Nolwenn would make an album dedicated to the very roots that taught her the love of music.

12/14/12, Christmas dinner

The annual Christmas dinner has become a favorite of bretons and friends of Brittany who come year after year for the convivial atmosphere, new encounters, good food, and entertainment.


12/08/12, Breton Derby Live in NY

Au pied de l'Empire State Building, BZH New York a organisé une retransmission "live" du derby Breton entre le Stade Rennais et le Stade Brestois au Legends Bar NYC. Une dizaine de bretons de NY étaient présents pour supporter leurs équipes.

11/30/12, NYPD Expo

In Plougastel-Daoulas, an exhibit of the pictures taken during the visit of the PD Bagad
for the 2012 St Patrick's day parad.

11/19/12, Website Redesign

Logo Mog Design

Many thanks to Mog Design,
Romain Moguen, graphic designer
who partnered with us for this effort.

Tell us what you think!

11/19/12, Donation to New York Cares

BZH New York and Irish Network NY are happy to announce that they made a donation of $1000 to
New York Cares going to recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy victims. Thanks to all who attended our Halloween Fest-Noz and made donations!!!

New York Cares is now the city's largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,300 nonprofits, city agencies, and public schools. New York Cares prides itself on a culture of excellence, defined by integrity, reliability, and professionalism. The 2009 Winner of the New York Times Company Nonprofit Excellence Award.

11/17/12, NYC Celtic Cup 2012
Stade Brestois NY vs. Irish Network NY

The Stade Brestois NY defeated Irish Network NY (7-3) for the bragging rights to the NYC Celtic Cup in what has become the hotly contested match of the year as Celtic cousins come together in friendly competition.


11/3/12, Interceltic Halloween Fest Noz

BZH New York and IN-NYC joined forces for an evening of Celtic celebration featuring exciting live music from numerous celtic nations.

Many forms of Celtic music and dance created a ceilidh, fest noz like atmosphere to properly ring in the Celtic New Year.

Headline acts included The Mickey Finns (named one of the BEST Celtic Rock bands in the world by Paddy! Rock Radio), Emerald Fire Dance, Darrah Carr Dance, Sylvain Payot (Brittany), Terra Nosa (Galicia), flying in especially from Brittany, France the Thomas Moisson Trio and traditional Irish music from Martin O'Connell, Marie-Louise Bowe, Eamon O'Leary and Steve Holloway.

France Amérique Article
Pictures - Video


9/29/12-9/30/12, BZH NY at Celtic Classic

This year again, BZH New York represented Brittany by having a booth at the Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem, PA


9/24/12, Breton Dance Class

A great crowd of around 30 people attended our Breton dance class about the dances from the terroir Breton of the Loire Atlantique, masterfully instructed by members of Cercle Celtique Breton of Nantes and Cercle Celtique of Olivier de Clisson.

Special thanks to Tiffany, Emmanuel, Sylvie, and Christine for being such great teachers.

9/23/12, Paté Hénaff Picnic in Central Park

Great attendance and beautiful weather at this year's
Paté Hénaff picnic in Central Park.
Great thanks to Paté Hénaff for their sponsorship!

8/7/12, NYC St Patrick at Lorient's Festival

"La plus grande parade au monde, avec des centaines de milliers de spectateurs, c'est à New York, mi-mars, chaque année, pour la Saint-Patrick. Une fête essentiellement irlandaise, mais pas que. Des Bretons y participent parfois, comme les Quimpérois du Moulin Vert l'an prochain. Le patron de la parade est à Lorient ces jours-ci pour mieux connaitre le festival interceltique. Avec une idée derrière la tête..."

Article in Le Télégramme

7/31/12, Breton Flag at Red Bull Arena

"Le drapeau Breton est interdit aux JO, mais le Gwenn Ha Du a été le drapeau le plus en vue au Trophée des Champions au Red Bull Arena de NY samedi dernier."


7/15/12, Bastile Day

Our annual Breton stand in Brooklyn was again a great success and we'd like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers that made it possible. The Smith Street Bastille Day event was visited by over 10,000 people and we are proud to be able to share a taste of Brittany with so many New Yorkers.

Photos of our stand

A special thanks to Cannelle Patisserie, Bacchus Bistro,
Les Délices du Chef, Armor Lux, and Café Triskell
for their support.

7/7/12, Maire de Brest à NYC

Les Bretons de New York ont organisé un dîner pour marquer la visite du maire de Brest et de son équipe. La municipalité de Brest s'est déplacée à New York ce week-end à l'occasion du départ de la Krys Ocean Race, lancée samedi 7 juillet de la Grosse Pomme et qui rejoindra Brest le 14 juillet pour les Tonnerre de Brest. Les Français ont profité d'une soirée conviviale au Bistro Vendome et BZH NY a offert au maire un maillot du Stade Brestois New York, l'équipe de foot née du partenariat entre l'association new-yorkaise et le Stade Brestois.

Article in France Amérique
Krys Ocean Race recap and Bretons of NY by Tebeo TV

7/6/12, Krys Ocean Race

"Krys Ocean Race", à la North Cove Marina, New York
Article in French Morning

6/15/12, BZH New York on Echappées Belles

BZH New York featured on the popular TV show
Echappées Belles on France 5 TV.

BZH New York: Stade Brestois NY & Fete de la...

5/29/12, French Navy's Schooners in NYC

Les Goelettes de la Marine Nationale; la Belle Poule et L'Etoile, en mission de 4 mois dans l'Atlantique sont actuellement a New York pour la Fleet Week. A cette occasion, le Stade Brestois New York a decide d'organiser un match de football amical avec les marins des Goelettes. Apres une premiere mi-temps difficile (0-2), le Stade Brestois s'est impose 3-2 face aux marins. Les deux equipes ont ensuite partager le verre de l'amitie dans un bar de Long Island City.


5/18-25/12, Fest Yves Week NY 2012

Brittany and Breton culture will again in the global spotlight over coming days as "la Fete de la Bretagne" is celebrated with over 300 events organized worldwide. BZH New York is proud to continue to highlight over the next week the creativity, imagination, and dynamism of the region and culture of Brittany but also of the Bretons that have decided to settle in the Big Apple. Six famed Breton musicians will be making the voyage from Brittany to share their music and traditions (new and old), and conviviality that Bretons and friends of Brittany have come to love and expect.

5/19 Fest Noz in Times Square
5/20 Apero Breton at Armor Lux store
5/21 Breton music and dance session at Theatre 80
5/22 Concert at Zebulon, Brooklyn
On rooftop over looking Times Square, concert of breton music with expo of breton artist Mik Jegou and Ronan Pennec. Video

Video in Le Télégramme
Article in Ouest-France
Article in France Amérique
Article in French Culture guide
Article in Le Télégramme

4/25/12, Hervé Lossec in NYC

City University of New York welcomed Herve Lossec, best selling Breton author on April 25th. Herve Lossec’s book “Les Bretonnismes” which details the ways Breton language influences the way people in Brittany speak French is the third most sold book ever in Brittany. “Les Bretonnismes” has received numerous awards notably le Grand Prix du Livre “Produit de Bretagne”. The conference presented his work but also presented endangered status of Breton language and the linguistic influence it has had on French. The conference was be followed by a book signing.

Article in French Morning


More on the Journal page

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