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3/23/13, Paris-Brest Classic - Leg 1


On 3/23, Stade Brestois NY's players defeated courageous
PSG NY Club's soccer fans 5-1 in Queensbridge Park to get a secure margin before the 2nd leg.

The aggregate winner will grasp the 2013 'Paris-Brest classic' trophey.
Leg 2 will take place on the same field on 5/18, just prior to the professional game in France between PSG and Stade Brestois 29.

3/16/13, Stade Brestois NY YMCA champions!


One year after the sponsorship agreement with Stade Brestois 29, the Bretons of New York won their first major title!
On 3/16, SB NY players made the most of themselves to outclass valorous Alsacians of SR Colmar NY and won the LIC YMCA Winter 2013 championship.

Starting with 7 other teams from other nationalities last December, SB NY demonstrated their superiority amongst the 4 remaining teams in play-off.
However, no rest for the Bretons since they're starting playing in Urban Soccer league on Mondays this month.
En route for the double title!

Photo Album

Finistère Foot Article and Pictures

3/13/13-3/18/13, ST PATRICK'S WEEK

St Patrick’s week in NYC had once again a Breton touch to it with 80 musicians and dancers performing throughout the week cumulating to their participation in the 252nd St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Brittany was represented by Bagad du Moulin Vert,
Eostiged ar Stangala and Kan ha Diskan singersArmel An Hejer & Alan Le Clère

A delegation of more than 100 that included musicians, dancers, elected officials, entrepreneurs and business executives could be found across NYC representing Brittany in numerous locations during St Patrick's week.

Wed. 3/13
Thur. 3/14
  • Concert at Bandshell Central Park
Fri. 3/15
  • Concert/Presentation of Brittany in local french schools
  • Lunch with Consul General of France
  • Concert at Armor Lux NY store
  • Concert and Jam session with local artists at Shrine in Harlem
Sat. 3/16
  • 252nd St Patrick NY Parade
  • Celtic Appalachia Concert with Mick Moloney at Symphony Space
Mon 3/18
  • Breton-Garifuna cultural exchange at Bowery Poetry club

St Patrick's Day Parade Pictures

Photo Album for all other week events

St Patrick's Day Parade Video

Ouest-France 3/18/13 Article #13/18/13 Article #2
3/17/13 Videos
Le Télégramme 3/19/13 Video
Coté Quimper 3/15/13 Article and Videos 3/16/13 Article 3/16/13 Video
Irish Central 3/22/13 Article

2/16/13, SB29 - Interceltic Trophy


BZH NY organised the first 'Pennkampionad ar Peder Gwlad' trophy, gathering four Celtic sides to play a soccer tournament in Queensbridge Park.
The top winner was friendship and the Celtic teams promised each others to come back in the future to perpetuate this new-born competition.

Photo Album

2/2-2/3/13, Ski Weekend

Ski 2013 Group Picture

The ski weekend in the Catskills has been a BZH New York tradition since 2008.

La Duchesse Anne is now called Four Corners Country Inn
and its new management did a great job lodging and feeding the group in the cozy B&B style Inn.

Like expected there was a good friendly atmosphere, good food, Breton dancing, belote late in the night and of course good exercise and invigorating air on the ski slopes.

Photo Album

1/27/13, General Assembly

BZH New York, reviewed and recapped a very successful 2012 by discussing events, objectives, financials, our partners & sponsors, followed by the election of the 2013 Board.

AG Photo Album - France-Amérique article - Video1 Video2 by J.F.Baudet (BTA)

Your 2013 BZH New York Board

  • President: Charles Kergaravat
  • Vice President: Julien Micault
  • Secretary: Michele Moreau
  • Deputy Secretary: Jacky Faucheux
  • Treasurer: Anne-Sophie Kergaravat
  • Deputy Treasurer: Bernard Le Bris

1/19/13, "American Noz" in Quimper

In preparation for their coming trip to New York, Bagad Moulin-Vert and Dance Group Eostiged Ar Stangala organized an "American Noz" at Chapeau Rouge in Quimper.

ABP article

1/8/13, Nolwenn Leroy in NYC

Top-charts Brittany-born singer Nolwenn Leroy made her NY Debut at Drom.

Nolwenn and her musicians also spent good quality time with BZH New York at
Café Triskell the next evening.

Nolwenn Live on Good Day New York (Fox NY) - Nolwenn interviewed by Charles Kergaravat.
Article in France-Amérique - Article in Le Télégramme - Article France 3 Auvergne

A unique name and heritage, a French token and national emblem, Nolwenn Leroy brings us her self titled album Nolwenn with adaptations of traditional Celtic songs. As a French pop star and author-composer, native from the foreign land of Brittany, it was no surprise that one day Nolwenn would make an album dedicated to the very roots that taught her the love of music.

12/14/12, Christmas dinner

The annual Christmas dinner has become a favorite of bretons and friends of Brittany who come year after year for the convivial atmosphere, new encounters, good food, and entertainment.


12/08/12, Breton Derby Live in NY

Au pied de l’Empire State Building, BZH New York a organisé une retransmission "live" du derby Breton entre le Stade Rennais et le Stade Brestois au Legends Bar NYC. Une dizaine de bretons de NY étaient présents pour supporter leurs équipes.

11/30/12, NYPD Expo

In Plougastel-Daoulas, an exhibit of the pictures taken during the visit of the PD Bagad for the 2012 St Patrick’s day parad.

11/19/12, Website Redesign

Logo Mog Design

Many thanks to Mog Design, Romain Moguen, graphic designer who partnered with us for this effort.

11/19/12, Donation to New York Cares for Sandy

BZH New York and Irish Network NY are happy to announce that they made a donation of $1000 to
New York Cares going to recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy victims. Thanks to all who attended our Halloween Fest-Noz and made donations!!!

New York Cares is now the city’s largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,300 nonprofits, city agencies, and public schools. New York Cares prides itself on a culture of excellence, defined by integrity, reliability, and professionalism. The 2009 Winner of the New York Times Company Nonprofit Excellence Award.

11/17/12, NYC Celtic Cup 2012, Stade Brestois NY vs. Irish Network NY

The Stade Brestois NY defeated Irish Network NY (7-3) for the bragging rights to the NYC Celtic Cup in what has become the hotly contested match of the year as Celtic cousins come together in friendly competition.


11/3/12, Interceltic Halloween Fest Noz

BZH New York and IN-NYC joined forces for an evening of Celtic celebration featuring exciting live music from numerous celtic nations. Many forms of Celtic music and dance created a ceilidh, fest noz like atmosphere to properly ring in the Celtic New Year.

Headline acts included The Mickey Finns (named one of the BEST Celtic Rock bands in the world by Paddy! Rock Radio), Emerald Fire Dance, Darrah Carr Dance, Sylvain Payot (Brittany), Terra Nosa (Galicia), flying in especially from Brittany, France the Thomas Moisson Trio and traditional Irish music from Martin O’Connell, Marie-Louise Bowe, Eamon O’Leary and Steve Holloway.

France Amérique Article

9/29/12-9/30/12, BZH NY at Celtic Classic

This year again, BZH New York represented Brittany by having a booth
at the Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem, PA


9/24/12, Breton Dance Class

A great crowd of around 30 people attended our Breton dance class about the dances from the terroir Breton of the Loire Atlantique, masterfully instructed by members of Cercle Celtique Breton of Nantes and Cercle Celtique of Olivier de Clisson.

Special thanks to Tiffany, Emmanuel, Sylvie, and Christine for being such great teachers.

9/23/12, Paté Hénaff Picnic in Central Park

Great attendance and beautiful weather at this year’s. Paté Hénaff picnic in Central Park.
Great thanks to Paté Hénaff for their sponsorship!

8/7/12, NYC St Patrick at Lorient’s Festival

"La plus grande parade au monde, avec des centaines de milliers de spectateurs, c’est à New York, mi-mars, chaque année, pour la Saint-Patrick. Une fête essentiellement irlandaise, mais pas que. Des Bretons y participent parfois, comme les Quimpérois du Moulin Vert l’an prochain. Le patron de la parade est à Lorient ces jours-ci pour mieux connaitre le festival interceltique. Avec une idée derrière la tête..."

Article in Le Télégramme

7/31/12, Breton Flag at Red Bull Arena

"Le drapeau Breton est interdit aux JO, mais le Gwenn Ha Du a été le drapeau le plus en vue au Trophée des Champions au Red Bull Arena de NY samedi dernier."


7/15/12, Bastile Day

Our annual Breton stand in Brooklyn was again a great success and we’d like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers that made it possible. The Smith Street Bastille Day event was visited by over 10,000 people and we are proud to be able to share a taste of Brittany with so many New Yorkers.

Photos of our stand

A special thanks to Cannelle Patisserie, Bacchus Bistro,
Les Délices du Chef, Armor Lux, and Café Triskell
for their support.

7/7/12, Maire de Brest à NYC

Les Bretons de New York ont organisé un dîner pour marquer la visite du maire de Brest et de son équipe. La municipalité de Brest s’est déplacée à New York ce week-end à l’occasion du départ de la Krys Ocean Race, lancée samedi 7 juillet de la Grosse Pomme et qui rejoindra Brest le 14 juillet pour les Tonnerre de Brest. Les Français ont profité d’une soirée conviviale au Bistro Vendome et BZH NY a offert au maire un maillot du Stade Brestois New York, l’équipe de foot née du partenariat entre l’association new-yorkaise et le Stade Brestois.

Article in France Amérique
Krys Ocean Race recap and Bretons of NY by Tebeo TV

7/6/12, Krys Ocean Race

“Krys Ocean Race”, à la North Cove Marina, New York
Article in French Morning

6/15/12, BZH New York on Echappées Belles

BZH New York featured on the popular TV show Echappées Belles on France 5 TV.

BZH New York: Stade Brestois NY & Fete de la Bretagne by BZH-NY

5/29/12, French Navy’s Schooners in NYC

Les Goelettes de la Marine Nationale; la Belle Poule et L’Etoile, en mission de 4 mois dans l’Atlantique sont actuellement a New York pour la Fleet Week. A cette occasion, le Stade Brestois New York a decide d’organiser un match de football amical avec les marins des Goelettes. Apres une premiere mi-temps difficile (0-2), le Stade Brestois s’est impose 3-2 face aux marins. Les deux equipes ont ensuite partager le verre de l’amitie dans un bar de Long Island City.


5/18-25/12, Fest Yves Week NY 2012

Brittany and Breton culture will again in the global spotlight over coming days as "la Fete de la Bretagne" is celebrated with over 300 events organized worldwide. BZH New York is proud to continue to highlight over the next week the creativity, imagination, and dynamism of the region and culture of Brittany but also of the Bretons that have decided to settle in the Big Apple. Six famed Breton musicians will be making the voyage from Brittany to share their music and traditions (new and old), and conviviality that Bretons and friends of Brittany have come to love and expect.

5/19 Fest Noz in Times Square
5/20 Apero Breton at Armor Lux store
5/21 Breton music and dance session at Theatre 80
5/22 Concert at Zebulon, Brooklyn
On rooftop over looking Times Square, concert of breton music with expo of breton artist Mik Jegou and Ronan Pennec. Video

Video in Le Télégramme
Article in Ouest-France
Article in France Amérique
Article in French Culture guide
Article in Le Télégramme

4/25/12, Hervé Lossec in NYC

City University of New York welcomed Herve Lossec, best selling Breton author on April 25th. Herve Lossec’s book “Les Bretonnismes” which details the ways Breton language influences the way people in Brittany speak French is the third most sold book ever in Brittany. “Les Bretonnismes” has received numerous awards notably le Grand Prix du Livre “Produit de Bretagne”. The conference presented his work but also presented endangered status of Breton language and the linguistic influence it has had on French. The conference was be followed by a book signing.

Article in French Morning

4/18/12, Nolwenn Monjarret in NYC

BZH New York, Endangered Language Alliance, and Bowery Arts and Science invites Nolwenn Monjarret for a conference exploring the cultural revitalization of Brittany, France in the 1940, 50, 60’s followed by a concert in duo with Philippe Le Gallou presenting her newly released album “Son Elena”.

3/31/12, Conference for Endangered Languages

As people gathered across France in defense of their regional languages, BZH New York joined with other french regional associations of NY to organize a conference at City University of NY to highlight the endangered status of our languages.

Pictures of conference
Article in Le Télégramme
Article in France Amérique

St Patrick’s Week 2012

54 musicians and dancers from Bagad Plougastell and Bleuniou Sivi spent 6 days in NYC as ambassadors of Brittany for St Patrick’s day.

The 251st St Patrick’s Day parade in New York City will go down not only as a day of great pride for Irish diaspora but also one for Bretons everywhere as New Yorkers witnessed the largest Breton delegation ever on 5th Avenue with the participation of Bagad Plougastell and Bleuniou Sivi.

3.5 million spectators witnessed the power of the bagad and the splendor and grace of the cercle with millions more watching live on NBC TV across America.

These young musicians days and nights were filled with numerous events from fest noz in Times Square, a guest performance for the 50th anniversary Chieftains concert in Carnegie Hall, concerts for students at Lycee Francais and French American Charter School, jamming in Harlem, outdoor concert in Tomkins Square Park, nightly dinners and celebrating at Tout va bien restaurant, a chance meeting of Occupy Wall street, and memorable free styling in the NYC subway.

old/Press/Media Coverage

Le Telegramme: Article 1 - Article 2

Ouest France - 7seizh - Animal NY


Videos: NBC TV - NY1 TV

Videos on 5th Avenue: Video 1 - Video 2

02/25/12, Stade Brestois NY season start

The Stade Brestois NY tried to dust off some of the winter rust playing in its first matches since the end of the winter break. The BZH NY Super Cup featured 4 local teams, some having international links. Stade Brestois NY (Brittany), Irish Network NY (Ireland), Flanders House Team NY (Flanders), and Red Bull supporters NY all competed on a chilly February evening. The hotly contested tournament was finally won by a spirited Irish team that we know we’ll be challenging again for silver wear very soon.


02/23/12, Introduction to Breton Language

The initiation to Breton language not only allowed the attendees to learn about the history of the language, it’s place in Brittany today, but also of its severely endangered status. Breton, Alsacian, Quebecois, Welsh, and Americans eagerly participated in the learning exercises introduced by Diwan Paris director Fabienne Geffroy. BZH NY would like to thank the Endangered Language Alliance for their participation in this very unique event.


01/28/12, General Assembly

On January 28, 2012, The board reviewed the major events over the past year, the association’s financials, our partners & sponsors. BZH New York would like to thank all the candidates and members that participated in the election process.

The 2012 board members are:

  • President: Charles Kergaravat
  • Vice President: Eric Thoby
  • Secretary: Michèle Moreau
  • Deputy Secretary: Bernard LeBris
  • Treasurer: Anne-Sophie Kergaravat
  • Deputy Treasurer: Julien Micault

12/11/11, Christmas Party

Over a hundred Bretons and friends of Brittany attended BZH NY’s festive annual Christmas lunch! Food, dancing, santa, open bar, raffle, Bro Gozh Ma Zadou, Breton quiz, naming Jean Pierre Touchard as president of Honor of BZH NY were some of the highlights.

We wish you and your families a Happy Holiday and look forward to seeing you very soon in 2012!
Nedeleg Laouen!


11/17/11, Rennes in New York Times

"History and Youth in Rennes, Brittany"
Article in New York Time

11/12/11, First SBNY Match!

In its first official match, Stade Brestois NY engineered a come from behind victory in the annual Celtic Cup.
Down 3-1 against the Irish Network NY with 3 minutes remaining the Bretons scored 3 unanswered goals to once again have bragging rights in this hotly contested match between Celtic diasporas.
An after-match lunch was organized to raise funds for soccer instruction for children in Harlem, NY.

Pictures - Article in Finistere-Foot

11/05/11, Honoring fallen Breton sailors

On November 5th, BZH New York participated in a ceremony at Cypress Hills cemetery to honor 25 French sailors (18 of whom were of Breton descent) who died in NY Harbor in 1918 during World War I. The sailors were serving on French war vessels la Marseillaise, le Montcalm, and la Glorie when they were victims of the Spanish Flu a few weeks before the Armistice.

List of the names of Breton sailors:


11/03/11, NY Marathon dinner at TVB

47,000 runners took part in the New York City Marathon. 47 Breton runners attended the BZH New York Marathon dinner at Tout va Bien restaurant. Runners from all across Brittany (12 from Brest, 6 from St Malo, and from numerous other breton cities) shared stories and ate pasta in preparation for the big race.


10/29/11, Celtic Halloween Fest

BZH New York celebrated the celtic holiday of Halloween on October 29th with an evening of music and dance.

Pictures (by Capucine Bourcart)

09/27/11 - SBNY - Stade Brestois NY!

BZH New York is very pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive partnership for the next 2 years with the Stade Brestois 29.

Official Announcement

9/24-25/11, Celtic Classic Festival

This year again, BZH New York represented Brittany by having a booth at the Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem, PA

Pictures - More pictures

9/18/11, Picnic with Pâté Hénaff

On Sunday 8/28, Pâté Hénaff hold a Picnic on the "Plage de Penhors" near Pouldreuzic.

With some delay due to hurricane Irene, BZH New York followed suit on Sunday September 18th in Central Park.

Around 40 people participated under a beautiful blue sky and with a large supply of Paté Hénaff for everybody to enjoy!


9/16/11, Breton Beer Tasting at TVB

Brasserie de Bretagne’s owner
Jean-Francois Istin presented & discussed his beers and beer making process.


9/11, 10 years

Web Documentaire on the Télégramme Website
with BZH New York members interviewed.

Ouest-France interview of Hervé Offrédo’s daughter Gaiane

8/8/11, Festival Interceltique de Lorient
Bretons of New York’s Day

This 2011 edition of the Festival Interceltique de Lorient had a special meaning for us because the festival decided to honor celtic diaspora around the world. BZH New York was represented in a number of ways over the week.

8/6 Ouest-France - 8/6 - 8/6 ABP - 8/9 Ouest-France - 8/8 - Video Le Télégramme

Picture of Christine Melou (early BZH New York member, now back in Brittany) with the new
BZH New York / Breizh Punisher T-shirt

7/10/11, Bastille Day in Brooklyn

15,000 visitors attended Bastille Day in Brooklyn.
Many went away with a better appreciation of Brittany and its gastromony after visiting the BZH New York stand.
Many thanks again to the volunteers that were invaluable and the many Bretons of NY that came to support us.

BZH NY’s Pictures - More pictures - French Consulate’s Pictures

Ouest-France 7/21 Article: Online - Scanned

A special thanks to our sponsors Tout Va Bien and Cannelle Patisserie who have always been great supporters of our activities!

2011 St Yves Week in NYC

5/21/11, Grand Fest Noz

At Connolly’s Times Square with live musicians Sylvain Barou, Ronan Pellen & Ndiaz (Yann LeCorre, Youen LeCam, Jean-Marie Nivaigne).

Pictures - Video Preview

5/18/11, World Music Fusion

World Music night where Brittany met India with jazz as a horizon - At Shrine in Harlem

Pictures - Video Preview

Interviews in French - Video

June 1st Article in Ouest-France
May 30th Article in Agence Bretagne Presse

In recent years St Yves day has become a date on the calendar where Bretons everywhere celebrate Brittany and all things Breton. This year was no different with over 200 events organized worldwide. 2011 marked the 5th year Breton events were held in NY to celebrate St Yves.
Last year’s NY events were centered on honoring Breton artist Youenn Gwernig. A poetry reading of Youenn’s works in English, Breton, and French; a documentary in Breton on his life shown at NYU; a concert; and fest noz were all part of the festivities.

The 2011 edition focused on musical exchange of traditional and contemporary cultures between Brittany and India with jazz as a horizon. This mixing of cultures based on exchange and improvisation offered opportunities of exploration and artistic expression among the 5 talented musicians coming from Brittany and locally based Indian and jazz musicians.
Sylvain Barou, Ronan Pellen, Ndiaz (Yann LeCorre, Youen LeCam, Jean Marie Nivaigne) are experts of Breton music but also multi-instrumentalist who are frequently exploring, performing celtic and world musics.

5/2/11, Breton language initiation class

In what may have been a first in New York, 20 persons of diverse backgrounds (American, french, breton, irish, basque, alsacian) eager and interested in learning and in the history of the Breton language, took part in a Breton initial class instructed by Dewi Siberil from Diwan.


Article in the Breton Language

Café Triskell interviewed by Kelly Choi

Very Appetizing: Cafe Triskell
Kelly Choi cooks with chef Philippe Fallait of Cafe Triskell and shows us what a true, authentic crepe is!


4/12/11, CLC & BZH NY in Ouest-France

An article in the Ouest-France mentions the partnership between the CLC Cycling Team and BZH New York

4/11/11, President’s Tour in Brittany

Charles Kergaravat, BZH New York’s president and Anne-Sophie Zegers, BZH New York’s vice treasurer met with Magalie Le Floch and Anne-Sophie’s grand-parents in Brech, Brittany (Morbihan). Article in Ouest-France.

The US flag was displayed at the Bar Breton to welcome BZH New York’s ambassadors!

4/3/11, Anne-Sophie Zegers
in the Telegramme

Anne-Sophie Zegers, BZH New York board member, was interviewed by Le Telegramme.

Anne-Sophie : le goût de l’aventure

2/4/11-2/6/11, Catskills Ski Weekend

For the 4th consecutive year, BZH New York organized a ski weekend in the Catskills with lodging and dining at
La Duchesse Anne operated by renowned chef Fabrice Vittoz from Lorient.


Interceltic Fest Noz

The 2nd Annual Interceltic Festival of NY was an evening of music and dance celebrating the common heritage, traditions, culture, and story of immigration of Celtic peoples in New York City. Thirty musicians locally based or from abroad, created a ceilidh or fest noz like atmosphere highlighting the dancing nature of Celtic music.

Pictures and Video

2/02/11Article in Le Télégramme
2/03/11Article in Ouest France
2/15/11Article in Ouest France

12/13/10, CNN Speaks about
the Breton Language

CNN’s Simon Hooper reports on the continuing struggle to pass on the Breton language in France’s Brittany region.


12/11/10, Christmas Lunch

On December 11th, 95 Bretons and friends of Brittany celebrated BZH New York’s annual Christmas lunch.
The lunch highlighted the gastronomic talent of Bretons in NY, from a traditional kig ha farz recipe from North Finistere perfectly executed by Jean-Christophe to the buche de noel from Breton-owned Cannelle patisserie.
Good food, reuniting friends, and celebrating the holiday season have become hallmarks of this annual festive event.

Many thanks to JC, Alan, Breton artist Mikael Jegou, Cannelle Patisserie, and Isigny Ste Mere.

Pictures by Capucine Bourcart

11/20/10, Merlus de NY vs Irish Networking

The Merlus de NY once again faced their celtic cousins.

Sat. 10/16, General Assembly

The board reviewed the major events over the past year, the association’s financials, our partners & sponsors,
and coming events in 2010/2011.
Members elected the new board for 2010/2011.

The 2010/2011 board members are:

  • President: Charles Kergaravat
  • Vice Presidents: Laurent Corbel and Eric Thoby
  • Treasurer: Xavier Benferhat
  • Deputy Treasurer: Anne-Sophie Zegers
  • Secretary: Jacky Faucheux
  • Deputy Secretary: Michèle Moreau

10/10/10, Charles Kergaravat
in Ouest-France

"Je suis américain, français et breton"
Charles Kergaravat, BHZ New York’s president interviewed by Ouest-France Bretagne - Article

10/05/10, Normandy Business Meeting

On October 5th, a delegation from the region of Normandy took part in an evening of business networking with a number of Breton professional and entrepreneurs.

The following firms and entities were present during an evening of exchange and conviviality: Isigny Sainte Mere, Cidrerie Plessis, Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye, chambre de commerce Basse Normandie, et la Region Normandie.

09/28/10, Breton Dance Class

BZH New York had its first Breton dance class of the fall at O’Lunney’s Times Square Pub.

Guest instructor Magalie LeFoch focused on the dance traditions of the region of Auray.
Magalie is a member of la Kevrenn Alre, who have won the Bretagne dance championship on 10 occasions.


09/25-26/10, BZH New York at Celtic Classic

For the second time (last time in 2008) BZH New York had a booth at Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA.


9/19/10: Cyclo Ride with CLC

On September 19th, 15 cyclists pedaled across Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan in hopes to raise funds of the Eugene Marquis cancer center in Rennes, France. The ride was followed by a gouter breton at Tout va Bien restaurant where patrons could make donations. A total of $1000 was raised for the Eugene Marquis center.

Pictures - Ouest-France Article - Le Petit Bleu Article

C.L.C Team Cyclosport, a partner on the ride, is composed of current and ex-professional cyclist of Breton origin. ""C’est un grand honneur pour nous membres du ""CONTRE LE CANCER TEAM-CYCLOSPORT"" de constater que notre action pour la lutte contre cette maladie mobilise des gents en dehors de nos frontières."" le president, Christophe Lefort.

Tues. 8/11/10, Les Merlus of NY in the final!

Les Merlus made it to the final only to lose on overtime penalty kicks!


Sun. 07/18/10, Breton Booth at Bastille Day


For the fourth consecutive year, BZH New York had a booth for Bastille Day.

This year’s event was held in Brooklyn, in concert with the Brooklyn Bastille Day Petanque Bar-Tabac
Tournament on Smith Street.


06/20/10, Fête de la musique Summer Stage

Julien Micault, pastry chef & member of BZH New York gave 3 cakes to the musicians of Lo’Jo, Tabou Combo & Salif Keita on Sunday June 20th during their participation at La Fête de la Musique at Central Park Summer Stage.

Picture: Julien Micault with Lo’Jo’s leader Denis Péan, an activist, poet, singer and musician. The man who brought Tinariwen to the world!

06/12-13/10, Potomac Celtic Festival

The ICDBL and BZH New York recently participated in the annual Potomac Celtic Festival in Virginia.
The Potomac Festival highlights the cultures of numerous Celtic nations. ICDBL and BZH NY’s presence helped promote Brittany and Breton culture with a Breton dance workshop and stand that presented Breton language, music and products.
The ICDBL (International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language) is an international association with the US branch founded in 1981, and has members in 38 states. The ICDBL is a non-profit organization with the aim of teaching people about Brittany, the Breton language and culture, and to support the development of the Breton language education and culture in Brittany.


05/19 to 05/22/10 St Yves Week

From May 19th to May 22nd 2010,
BZH New York celebrated St Yves
for the 4th consecutive year.
For the 2010 edition BZH-NY honored the contributions to Breton culture by Youenn Gwernig.

Press Release - Flyer (Front) (Back)

Covered by FRANCE 3 BRETAGNE France 3

Video of the St Yves week in NYC
Click on "Dimanche 30 Mai"

Cyber Fest Noz - Duplex from New York

Capucine’s pictures

"New-York fête la Bretagne" in Ar Men magazine.

Louise Ebrel, Iffig Flatres and Diese 3 interviewed on WFMU. Listen to the show online!

"Le tour de chant de Louise Ebrel à New York"
Article in Ouest France


Louise Ebrel - Fest Noz à NYC in the Télé - In an interview, Louise Ebrel mentions her coming trip to New York

05/08/10, Pétanque Tournament


Many thanks to Esperanto, Tout Va Bien and Café Charbon for their sponsorship!

  • Winner’s Prize: Esperanto, gift certificates for $300
  • Second: Tout Va bien, dinner for 4
  • Third: Café Charbon, gift certificates for $75

04/03/10, Les Merlus de NY vs. La Jeanne

Les Merlus de New York played the sailors
of the French Navy ship La Jeanne d’Arc.

Pictures (by Capucine Bourcart & Laurent Apollon)
More pictures (by Alexis Buisson)

Article in Ouest-France (before)
Charles Kergaravat on Radio Breizh Izel
Article in Ouest-France
Article in the Telegramme
On TV (Ty Télé, after 20 minutes)

03/27/10, Capucine Bourcart & Marie Martin in Ouest-France

Ouest-France noticed Capucine’s project
"To immigrate does not mean to forget: a piece of identity"
and more specifically the last edition
about Marie Martin of Lanester. Article

02/28/10, Nolwenn Monjarret in NYC

On Sunday, February 28th, at Tout Va Bien, BZH New York organized a 3-course brunch featuring a concert from Breton singer Nolwenn Monjarret.

Pictures - Article in French Morning

02/19/10 to 2/21/10, Ski Weekend

Capucine’s Pictures - Snowshoeing Pictures

01/30/10, Interceltic Fest Noz

On Saturday, January 30th over 400 spectators celebrated Celtic identity at the Interceltic Fest Noz
presented by BZH New York.
Fest Noz means night party in Breton, the celtic language of Brittany, and the Interceltic was certainly that with performances from 40 musicians of Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Galicia.
The conviviality and revelry between the large number of dancing participants, experienced and non, augmented the feeling of Celtic unity.
All Details - Flyer - Pictures by Capucine Bourcart
Press articles: Irish Central - Armen Magazine - Ouest France
Videos of Interceltic: Video 1 - Video 2

Ladell McLin on France 5

Bluesman and BZH New York’s friend, Ladell McLin, on France 5: La Route du Blues
Ladell McLin with Mamadou Konate & Jean-Pierre Riou from Red Cardell. Saint Yves 2009 in NYC.

12/12/09, Christmas Party

For the 3rd consecutive year and with increasing success, BZH New York held its Christmas party
at Café Charbon - Pictures by Capucine Bourcart

11/13/09, France - Ireland

In prelude of the World Cup Qualifier France vs. Ireland, the Merlus of NY played against an Irish team in NYC.

Following this "friendly" match between Celtic cousins everybody went to watch the game at Tout Va Bien.

Pictures - Press Release (in French) - Article in Ouest-France - Article in ABP

10/31/09, WWI Breton Sailors

On October 31st, BZH New York participated in a ceremony at Cypress Hills cemetery to honor 25 French sailors (18 of whom were of Breton descent) who died in NY harbor in 1918 during World War I. The sailors were serving on French war vessels la Marseillaise, le Montcalm, and la Glorie when they were victims of the Spanish Flu a few weeks before the Armistice.
Pictures by Capucine Bourcart - Names of sailors buried in Cypress Hill cemetery in Queens

10/30/09, Interceltic Event

On October 30th, BZH New York in conjunction with the Consulate of Ireland and the Office of the First Minister of Wales organized a lively and enriching cultural evening of Celtic music, song, dance, and poetry.
This unique event celebrating Celtic Halloween also gave the participating Celtic groups an opportunity to offer the guests enticing samples of their food and beverage, information on tourism opportunities as well as further information about their respective countries culture, geography and points of interest.

Pictures by Capucine Bourcart

10/29/09, NY Marathon 2009

On October 29th, BZH New York organized a dinner for the Breton runners participating in the 2009 NYC Marathon. 40 runners from University of Nantes, the runners club of St Gregoire, and Bretons from Colmar, Alsace joined BZH New York for an evening in the spirit of camaraderie and conviviality at Tout Va Bien restaurant in Manhattan.
Pictures from the dinner - Article in Ouest France.

10/12/09, Tro Breizh New York style

Marion Thomas, from St Brieuc, Bretagne, is embarking on an around the world tour where she will meet with Bretons and partake in challenges in numerous cities and countries.
She was in NYC from October 11th to 16th and BZH New York challenged her to Tro Breizh New York style by bike. Video

7/25/09, Le Trophée des Champions

The stade Olympique de Montréal was awash with Gwenn ha Du flags for the Trophée des Champions match between En Avant de Guingamp and Bordeaux.
BZH New York was on hand presenting gifts to representatives of football clubs L’Impact de Montreal and En Avant Guingamp. (Most notably, Guingamp President, Noel Le Graet.)


7/12/09, Bastille Day Street Fair

BZH New York had a booth offering crepes and other Breton specialties.

Bruno Le Berre and Samuel Le Henanff performed on the stage.


6/29/09, Fancy Food Show

BZH New York’s Business Committee organized a dinner at the
Tout Va Bien after the Fancy Food Show. There was a cocktail in honor of Benoit Lequin and Pierre Yves Moreau who presented their incredible sailing challenge.


05/21/09-05/23/09, St Yves in NYC with Red Cardell

About Red Cardell -

At Connolly’s: Pictures - Video

Red Cardell in New York - Videos: Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3

FRENCH CUP, Guingamp defeated Rennes 2 to 1

This marked the first time that two Breton teams met in the final of the Coupe de France. 87,000 Bretons made the trip to the Stade de France in 8 special TGV’s, many buses and cars. La Région Bretagne provided 20,000 Gwenn Ha Du for the game. The Breton anthem, "Bro Gozh ma Zadou" sung by Alan Stivell was played before the kickoff.
Agence Bretagne Presse Article - Le Telegramme Article

The Tout Va Bien restaurant was packed with people invited by BZH New York to watch the game.

WATCH THE VIDEOOuest-France Article

04/24/09, Tinariwen in NYC

Tinariwen is a band of Touareg musicians that plays great rock/blues music.
They are a BZH New York favorite and they now have BZH New York T-Shirts!
Capucine took some pictures during their recent visit to New York.

04/16/09, Yann Tiersen in NYC

Many BZH New York members were there. The pictures

04/06/09, Breton Dance Course

The 2nd Breton dance course was a success with 15-20 participants.
Gavotte des Montagnes, Laridé, Bal and Scottish. Thank you Samuel for your patience!

04/16 to 04/18, 2009

Many thanks to the French Embassy, the Lycée Français, the Tout Va Bien,
Cannelle Patisserie and Dive Bar for their support!

Flyer and details

Bagad St Nazaire in NYC - The Story

Agence Bretagne Presse France-Amérique
3/16 - Ouest France 3/18 - Ouest France
3/21-22 - Ouest France  
1st Evening Concert #1 Concert #2
Parade #1 Parade #2 Shrine
Fest Noz #1 Fest Noz #2 Miscelaneous
Parade on TV (18MB)
Alex’ YouTube Videos #1 #2 #3 #4
#5 #6 #7  

02/27/09, Ski Weekend in the Catskills


02/08/09, 3 American Bagpipers in BZH

Yoann Le Goff, a BZH New York member, and three of his fellow American bagpipers competed in the "Championnat de Bretagne de Première Catégorie des Bagadou" in Brest. Sean Buchta, Mike McNintch, and Jake Otto were the first Americans ever to take part in this competition when they performed with Bagad Kemperle this past Sunday.
Picture #1 - Picture #2 - Ouest-France Article

Video France 3 News

02/04/09, Breton Dance Course

More than 20 people attended this event. Dancers of all levels and a great teacher. Thank you, Lenaig!


01/24/09, Kig Ha Farz at Café Triskell


December 13th 2008, Christmas Party

At Café Charbon. The Pictures by Capucine

November 20th 2008, Beaujolais Nouveau Fest Noz with Skolvan

Capucine’s Pictures
Capucine in the pictures...

September 24th 2008, Sunset Sail in New York Harbor aboard Shearwater

See the pictures

August 18th 2008, Laurent Corbel in Lorient

BZH New York’s president, Laurent Corbel, meets with the FC Lorient (aka "Les Merlus")
and gives BZH New York t-shirts. See the pictures

August 23rd 2008, Celts & Currachs Festival in New London, CT

BZH New York had a booth. See the pictures

July 13th 2008,
Bastille Day on 60th street

BZH New York had a booth. See the pictures
Big thanks to Cannelle Patisserie and the Tout Va Bien restaurant for their sponsorship!

May 16th to 19th 2008, St Yves Weekend in NYC

BZH New York Celebrated St Yves by organizing multiple events
and by inviting 5 first-class musicians from Brittany.
Fest Noz Pictures Beer Garden Pictures
Montauk pictures Shrine pictures

May 3rd 2008, François Maheux and Yelle at Highline Ballroom

François Maheux, BZH New York music consultant, in a picture with Yelle.
Yelle is a rising electropop star from St Brieuc, Brittany.

February 29th 2008, Ski Weekend in Catskills

BZH New York organized a ski weekend at "La Duchesse Anne" Inn, in Mt. Tremper, NY.
With 5 inches of fresh snow on Friday night and perfect blue sky on Sunday, the conditions were ideal.
Combined with Fabrice’s warm welcome, this really was a memorable week-end!
Click here to see the pictures.

February 20th 2008, Belote-Coinchée Trophée
at the "Tout Va Bien"

The 2008 tournament has started! Click here for the pictures

December 8th 2007, Christmas Party

Last Saturday, December 8th, BZH New York organized its first Christmas party at Café Charbon...
Click here for more details and the pictures

November 2nd 2007, New York Marathon
Breton runners at the "Tout Va Bien"

30 runners from Brittany were greeted by BZH New York and Jean-Pierre Touchard at the "Tout Va Bien" Restaurant
Click here to see the pictures

October 13th 2007, Rugby Semi-Finale at Stout

Well, France lost, but what a moment! Click here to see the pictures

October 6th 2007, Crepes and Petanque
at Pitstop in Brooklyn

Fantastic weather, delicious crepes, lively petanque games and electric ambiance after France won the Rugby game.
This truly was an exceptional event! Click here to see the pictures

September 30th 2007, Celtic Classic
in Bethlehem, PA

BZH New York was there and met with the Celtic Cultural Alliance’s Board organizing the event.
They were very excited about working with us to have Brittany better represented at their events.
Click here to see the pictures

September 12th 2007,
L’union Alsacienne and BZH New York’s
Sunset Cruise on

Click here to see the pictures

Sunday July 15th 2007, Bastille Day Street Fair

BZH NY was present in force. Click here for pictures

Sunday July 15th 2007, Bastille Day After Party

Click here for pictures

Breizh-ilian Party, July 5th 2007, Buzina Pop

Click here for pictures

June 2007, Soccer game with Fregate Primauguet crew

Last Monday, BZH New York soccer team played with the Fregate Primauguet team on Riverside and 103rd street.
The fregate was a few days in New York City harbor before exercising in Norfolk with the US Navy.
Informal soccer games are organized every Saturday 11AM in Central Park, 103rd street and East, near the baseball playgrounds. For more information, call Laurent at 646 229 9900.
Click here for the pictures.

June 2007, Sailor from Brittany in New York

The two 3-mast schooners "Le Bel Espoir" and "Rara Avis" from Brest, Brittany were in New York harbor last week.
BZH New York was invited to share dinner with Michel Jaouen and the crew.
Michel Jaouen is a famous sailor, founder of the association "les Amis de Jeudi-Dimanche" which organizes transatlantic cruises open to all public.
Click here for the pictures of this great moment on the Hudson Rivera.

May 2007, St Yves Picnic


St Patrick 2007, Kevrenn Alré in NYC and Philly

BZH New York was formed with the Kevrenn Alré Bagad being invited to the 2007 St Patrick’s Day Parade.

A team of volunteers put their energy together and worked hard for months to raise funds, organize events and venues in NYC and in Philly for the week-long visit of the bagad

Thursday March 15th / Harlem Mexican Restaurant & Shrine
Friday March 16th / Alliance Française performance
Saturday March 17th / Parade & Carnegie Hall
Sunday March 18th / Central Park & The Annex
Monday March 19th / Williamsburg Zebulon
Tuesday March 20th-21st / Philadelphia Jimmy Duffy’s & City Hall
Wednesday March 21st / Harlem Shrine & Mexican Restaurant

February 2007, Crêpe Party


January 2007, Meeting at Eric Thoby’s place

December 2006, Meeting at Tout Va Bien

June 22nd 2006, Meeting at Tout Va Bien

June 4th 2006, First Meeting at Tout Va Bien