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New York, November 10th 2009

In December 2006, I joined a handful of individuals to help build BZH New York from the ground up. We shared the common desire of presenting Brittany to New York City. Presenting its culture, economy, tourism and doing so in a positive fashion. I also believed that it was important to recognize the large contributions of La Grande Tribu, as Youenn Gwernig called them, for over the last 50 years. Just as the Stade Breton had rallied the Breton community in the past I felt it was important to do the same. But I also feel great satisfaction in being able to introduce everything Breton to public in NY that has generally poor knowledge of Brittany and its culture. The task can at times be a challenging one because Brittany fails to enter into one category. The standard question by some is how it exists? As a region, state, or country? I like to say that Brittany is not a state but a state of mind. The project that is BZH New York has been able to grow with the dedication and passion of its active members, and I am excited by the opportunity to again work with current and new members in promoting my culture that I feel deserves to be seen and heard by all.

The story of Bretons in New York is not a recent one and Breton immigration to the city has been one of successive waves. Many point the arrival in the 1880's of Nicolas Le Grand from Roudouallec (56) as one of the first of those many waves. The opening in 1907 of a Michelin plant in Milltown, NJ saw the second great exodus. The immigration from the Gourin region of Bretagne is recorded as the largest with over 70,000 arriving in search of the American dream during the 1950-60's. This post-war "Golden Generation" kept Brittany close to their heart by creating associations like le Stade Breton. They were also very much associated with NYC food industry owning such restaurants as Paris-Brest, Cafe Brittany, Brittany du Soir, Les Sans-Culottes, La Grillade, Tout Va Bien, Coq au Vin, Cafe des Sport, La Mirabelle, Le Bernadin, La Bonne Soupe, Le Boeuf a la Mode, La Petite Auberge, La Grenouille and Pierre au Tunnel.
Recent Bretons expats usually stay for a shorter time and work in numerous fields of the corporate landscape, all the while staying close to their Breton roots by participating in BZH New York activities.

BZH New York's vision has led to NYC witnessing and sampling many of the different flavors that la Bretagne has to offer. From marching in the St. Patrick's day parade with the Bagadou D'Auray and St. Nazaire, to Festou Noz featuring Breton bands like Skolvan, Red Cardell and Ag Ar Cheoj, to Breton product stands for Bastille day, sailing, ski weekends, Fancy Food Shows, petanque, Breton author book signings, belote, business networking, Breton dance courses, to the formation of the Bagad of NY. The vision, energy and passion of this group has led to our initial success and I count on this same group and new member energy and ideas to generate our future advancement.

Charles Kergaravat
Ex-President of BZH New York

Radio Interview of Charles Kergaravat

The 2014 board members are:

  • Julien Micault: President
  • Olivier Uzel: Vice President
  • Michèle Moreau: Secretary
  • Véronique Gautier: Deputy Secretary
  • Kat Bride: Treasurer
  • Bernard Le Bris: Deputy Treasurer

Picture of the 2014 board

Julien Micault, Michčle Moreau, Bernard Le Bris, Véronique Gautier, Olivier Uzel (missing Kat Bride)

New York, d’an 10 a viz Du 2009

E miz Kerzu 2006 e oan en em gavet e-touez un nebeudig tud evit sikour da sevel BZH New York diwar netra. Hor c’hoant boutin a oa kinnig Breizh da Gźr New York. Kinnig ar sevenadur, an armerzh, an touristerezh anezhi hag en ober war an tu mat. Sońjal a raen ivez e oa pouezus anavezout ar pezh a oa bet degaset gant ar Meuriad Bras, evel ma veze lesanvet an dud-se gant Youenn Gwernig, e-pad an 50 bloavezh diwezhań. Evel ma oa bet bodet ar gumuniezh vreizhat gant Stad Breizh en amzer dremenet em eus santet e oa a bouez-bras ober ar memes tra. Plijet bras e vezan ivez pa c’hallan kinnig danvez Breizh da dud kźr New York ha n’o deus ket un anaoudegezh gwall vras peurliesań eus Breizh hag he sevenadur. Al labour-se a c’hall bezań diaes a-wechoł rak ne zeuer ket a-benn da lakaat Breizh en ur rummad. « Petra zo anezhi ? » eo ar goulenn kustum a vez savet gant tud zo. Ur rannvro, ur stad, ur vro ? Plijout a ra din lavaret n’eo ket Breizh ur Stad met ur stad spered. Raktres BZH New York en deus gallet kreskiń gant emroidigezh hag entan e izili oberiant. Birvilh zo ennon o sońjal e labourin en-dro gant an izili a vremań ha gant ar re nevez evit kas war-raok ma sevenadur a zellez hervezon bezań gwelet ha klevet gant tout an dud.

Istor Bretoned New York n’eo ket un dra nevez ha meur a rummad Bretoned zo erruet e kźr lerc’h-ouzh-lerc’h. Evit kalz a dud e oa bet Nicolas Le Grand eus Roudoualleg (56) unan eus enbroidi gentań-se er bloavezhioł 1880. E 1907 e voe digoret ul labouradeg Michelin e Milltown, e stad New York, ha gant se e oa bet un eil gwagennad divroań vras. An enbroidi deuet eus korn-bro Gourin eo ar re niverusań, gant ouzhpenn 70.000 den aet war-lerc’h an hunvre amerikan er bloavezhioł 1950-60. Ar “remziad aour” goude ar brezel a oa chomet stag ouzh Breizh, gant kevredigezhioł krouet ganto e-giz Stad Breizh. C’hoariet o doa ur roll pouezus ivez e bed an ijinerezh boued e kźr New York dre ma oant perc’henned pretioł e-giz Paris-Brest, Cafe Brittany, Brittany du Soir, Les Sans-Culottes, La Grillade, Tout Va Bien, Coq au Vin, Cafe des Sport, La Mirabelle, Le Bernadin, La Bonne Soupe, Le Boeuf ą la Mode, La Petite Auberge, La Grenouille ha Pierre au Tunnel. An enbroidi nevesań eus Breizh a chom ur pennad berroc’h peurliesań, ha labourat a reont war tachennoł a bep seurt e bed an embregerezhioł. Stag e chomont ouzh o gwriziennoł breizhat en ur gemer perzh en obererezhioł BZH New York.

Gant BZH New York eo bet lakaet tud Kźr New York da ober anaoudegezh ha da dańva kalz eus an traoł diseurt a c’hall bezań kinniget gant Breizh. Eus bagadoł an Alre ha Sant-Nazer o kemer perzh en dibunadeg aozet da-geńver gouel sant Padrig, d’ar festoł-noz gant strolladoł breizhek e-giz Skolvan, Red Cardell hag Ag ar Choej, en ur dremen dre standoł ma veze kinniget produioł eus Breizh da-geńver gouel ar 14 a viz Gouere, abadennoł bageal, dibennoł-sizhun skiań, salońsoł boued, abadennoł c’hoari bouloł petank, dediadennoł levrioł gant aozerien vreton, c’hoari belot, sevel rouedadoł aferioł, kentelioł dańsoł breizhek, ha sevel Bagad New York. Gant gweledigezh, startijenn hag entan hor strollad hon eus graet berzh en deroł ha kontań a ran war startijenn ha mennozhioł ar memes tud hag an izili nevez evit kas an traoł war-raok en amzer da zont.

Charles Kergaravat
Prezidant BZH New York